Susan Muaddi Darraj

A Curious Land

Praise for the stories in A Curious Land:

Darraj writes traditional, tragic love stories set among Orthodox Palestinians during periods of historical unrest … A superb collection and a perfect selection for public libraries.”— Booklist

“…their breadth and vision is epic. Intertwining joys and sorrows that span generations, they dissolve the boundaries that can separate people, and instead, brings them, and us, closer…” – Hayan Charara

“…an immensely powerful, intimate, and complex portrait of Palestinian lives, both at home and in the diaspora.” – Carol Fadda-Conrey

Susan Muaddi Darraj is the author of The Inheritance of Exile, which was a finalist in the AWP Book Awards Series and named ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year (Short Fiction). She is a fiction editor for Barrelhouse Magazine and co-founder of the annual Conversations & Connections Conference: Practical Advice on Getting Published. Her new book, A Curious Land: Stories from Home, was named winner of the AWP Grace Paley Award for Short Fiction and the American Book Award, and shortlisted for the Palestine Book Award. She is a two-time recipient of an Individual Artist Award from the Maryland State Arts Council.

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Reader’s Guide for A Curious Land available at UMass website. (Click on “Resources”.)